Picture of Forcado
July 24, 2020

Special Release // Pastel de Nata Pastry Stout

Olá !!

The inevitable happened ! The love for the pasteis of our Portuguese brewer (David Santos 😋) and for the stouts, gathered in a glass just for you! This very special Pastel de Nata pastry stout is calling you !

We partnered with our very cool friend Forcado, one of the most loved Portuguese patisseries to create this BOMB!

Pastry Stout with vanilla, cinnamon sticks, lactose, lime and pastéis de nata. A thick low carb Stout with a creamy mouthfeel, and complex notes of vanilla, chocolate , coffee, cinnamon, and... PASTÉIS !

We’ll be serving the pastels from Forcado along with this pastry stout on Thursday for a full immersive experience!

Lisboa em Bruxelas em forma de pastel de nata!

Esta Quinta-feira amigos!


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