Forcado Pastelaria

Pastelaria Portuguesa


EXPLORE the originality of Forcado, that will make you want to discover the authenticity of Portugal and new flavours through our pastries, coffee and other regional unique products, available in our store.

«Le Petit Forcado», selling pastries developed by chef Joaquim Braz de Oliveira since 1982, grew up beautifully to become a big shop with tasting room, named Forcado. Passion passed on from father to son, we focus on quality, expertise and authenticity.
Our range of Portuguese pastries available is wide and varied in choice: classics, seasonal creations, chef’s specialities and even gluten-free and/or dairy-free alternatives. Everything is home-made, with passion!
DISCOVER creativity beyond know-how; pasteis with lemon, chocolate, speculoos and many more.

The entrance of the tea-room (Saint Gilles) will be closed as of 5pm, but you can take home our products until 6pm.